Asentiv Mastermind Community Special Interest Group: Growing Greener Businesses

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Asentiv Mastermind Community for our special interest group: Growing Greener Businesses

The Saltee Islands are one of Ireland's spectacular natural treasures.

Imagine if you had close and trusted relationships with a hand-picked group of successful business leaders as committed as you are to having a positive impact on the environment.

You all want more from your business than just a way to earn a living and are committed to helping each other

We are building a community of business leaders who want to be part of a solution that is bigger than they could achieve alone.

Our Vision is to build communities in which every member has the amazing business and spectacular life where they feel they have contributed to a pollution free legacy for the next generation.

How would a like-minded and supportive community of professionals help YOUR business?

Our Asentiv community has been building solid, mutually beneficial business relationships
together for years. We regularly compliment our group training programmes and workshops
with great social and relationship building activities that help people get to know each
other at that deeper level - and this is where the business referrals really come from.

Providers of Green Solutions - (those who offer green products or services)

There is a seed change in people's attitude towards the green agenda and an urgency to take action that was not there before. This has huge opportunities for you to scale up your business and have a bigger impact. But you're not sure how to achieve this as there are also dangers if you get it wrong.

You are:

  • A business owner, investor or advisor who has already taken the risk of investing in the environmental agenda. 
  • A specialist in your field you know you can contribute more towards the solutions that will leave the world in a better state than it is now.

To play this role you need your business not only to survive but to thrive. You know you can't do this alone

You want:

  • To understand what issues there are to consider, and which ones are most relevant to you and your business.
  •  Help on working out where to get started, and how grow your business without sacrificing your ideals
  • Gain access to other business owners who will benefit from your expertise i.e your customers.
  • To share thoughts, doubts and ideas with like-minded business owners and leaders.
  • To cut through all the jargon and myths
  • To work out where to get help if you want to take further action

In this seminar you will get direct experience of the power of the Asentiv Mastermind approach to meet those needs and much more. By working with like-minded business leaders you can make a bigger difference than you could alone

Change Your Business to Green - (those who want their business to go green)

You've realised that you need to change and/or your business needs to change. All this Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and Blue Planet stuff has got you thinking (or maybe it was Donald Trump).  You can't get away from feeling you're having a negative impact on the environment but you're unsure what you can do.

You are:

  • A business owner, investor or advisor who wants to start making a better balance between the money you're making and the legacy you're leaving.  

Maybe it's children or grandchildren that are making you think harder, or maybe you've just come to realise you want to leave the world in a better state for future generations or the natural environment.

In this seminar you will meet others who feel as you do as well as those who have solutions to the challenges you face.  Together you will make a difference and demonstrate it is possible to be a successful business and be green.

Your hosts for the day

Jacky Sherman

Asentiv Coach & Community Leader

Jacky Sherman is an experienced Asentiv Coach & Trainer and runs the Northampton & Milton Keynes area of the business.

She is on a mission to create collaborative business communities that increases their individual members success and sense of fulfilment.

Jacky has always been fascinated by human nature and particularly the tension between the individual and the group. She has come to the conclusion that we are only truly successful in business and life when we harness the talents of each of us and work together.

Gerrard Fisher

Partner - QSA Partners

I love working on business model change – helping businesses create more value, profit and stability by embracing the circular economy. 

My background is in manufacturing, business management, resource efficiency and circular business models.

​​This ​is an invitation only event and you must RSVP to register your spot

Teamwork and brainstorming concept

Friday 6th March 2020 

Asentiv Milton Keynes

Essendon, Unit 3,
Harnett Drive,
Stratford Road,
Wolverton Mill,
MK12 5NW

Free to attend but you must RSVP on the booking below

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